Social Engagement

CONSOTIUS promotes community development with expertise and financial support

CONSOTIUS actively engages in fostering community development through professional expertise and financial support. Our commitment to local social initiatives is particularly evident in our support for the “Bornshain Fire Brigade and Heritage Association 1933 e.V.”, highlighted by the financial backing of the “Bornshain – Shaping the Future Together” campaign. We are proud that our involvement contributes to the significant transformation and further development of the area, not only through the expertise of our co-founder Steffen Haage but also through financial means.

The “Bornshain – Shaping the Future Together” initiative, financially supported by CONSOTIUS, signifies a dynamic new beginning that places Bornshain’s cultural and local heritage at the heart of future developments. Steffen Haage’s expertise will play a crucial role in effectively organizing and implementing the numerous ideas and proposals from the community. His knowledge enables the association to plan projects not just in theory but to execute them with a focus on the needs and well-being of the community.

CONSOTIUS firmly believes in the power of collaboration and community engagement to effect significant changes. We are excited about the opportunity to actively participate in this community initiative and look forward to supporting Bornshain on its journey to becoming an even more connected and flourishing community.

With the ideas and energy of the people of Bornshain and the comprehensive support of CONSOTIUS, we are confident that we can collectively make Bornshain an even more beautiful and vibrant place.

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