Reference project

Global PLT management for a 1st tier automotive supplier

Reference project

Global PLT management for a 1st tier automotive supplier

Assignment and mandate

  • Steffen Haage: Head of the problem-solving team PLT / task force leader for the project – 7th generation BMW 3 series
  • Heinz Sarnau: VP Operations

Initial situation

  • Lack of supply chain assurance
  • Lack of product and process maturity
  • Deviation from quality and quantity agreements


  • Support and development of all critical suppliers in the supply chain
  • Adherence to all timelines for product and process maturity
  • Global launch / product and process introduction in compliance with all quality and quantity targets
  • Complete de-escalation and stabilization of the global supplier-customer relationship


  • Global launch of over 7 different models of the G2X range almost simultaneously on three continents: Mexico, Hungary and China
  • Complex regulations due to customer-specific standards
  • High demand for broad expertise in product and process development, quality and supplier management as well as project and lean management
  • Daily coordination and reporting with customer task force managers


  • Successful process and series start-ups of 7 G2X models

  • Full enablement of all global suppliers with final first sample and delivery approval

  • International validation of quality agreements

  • Improvement of supplier rating from C to A through full de-escalation of customer-supplier relationship

How we work

Our unique approach


Crisis negotiations

Face-to-face negotiation on all three continents with critical suppliers and customers

International collaboration

  • Global project management with 24 work packages and 80 international team members
  • Daily global coordination and reporting to OEM steering committee

Customer testimonials

“It was an honor working with you!”
Shawn Tian (BMW China)

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