Heinz Sarnau

Founder | Partner

“With my distinctive “Hands On” mentality, I have been helping companies to overcome crisis situations for many years”

Heinz Sarnau

Founder | Partner

Aircraft mechanic

Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering

Certified restructuring and reorganisation consultant (BRSI)

German | English


  • 30+ years of automotive experience
  • 10+ task force projects with successful de-escalations with OEMs – and their suppliers
  • Expertise in negotiating with customers, employees, trade unions
  • Interim management as CRO, COO, CFO, VP Operations, Managing Director, Plant Manager
  • Pragmatic problem solver


  • New plant construction with series start-ups in Germany, Hungary, Romania and China
  • Restructuring Plant closures, de-investment and production relocations, establishing and implementing exit strategies
  • Start-up management Implemented with comprehensive know-how and in-depth expertise in numerous projects
  • QM optimisation: of production and quality processes through systematic on-site approach
  • Supply chain optimisation, efficiency improvement, transformation and change management
  • International and intercultural management experience in Europe, Turkey, USA, Mexico, China, South Korea and India


  • IFA Powertrain GmbH & Co.KG “Managing Director Reorganisation Continuation”.
  • BOS GmbH & Co.KG “Global VP Operations Roof Systems
  • Magna Interior & Electronics “Task Force Manager” BMW Mini F55 and 7ner G11 launch
  • Transnorm GmbH “CFO/CRO
  • Pelzer GmbH “COO-Asia
  • Rieter Automotiv AG “Plant Manager

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